Living On Borrowed Time

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Lived longer than expected
Living on some borrowed time
This life isn’t mine
Inside this different side
Seeking a joyride
tonight, despite the past nights
Maybe to spite the last times
Might as well make life worth it
I was deemed unfit
A law abiding
citizen, was not in me
I chose to take my
hands, off the wheel and
Let Jesus take it
Let Satan take it
Let that wheel go where it goes
A wild rose is
Exactly how I rose so
Take me to the dirt
Or lift me to the open
sky, to feel alive
Roll the dice and make it real
Sit and open your virgin
ears, and receive me
Sit and open your tired
eyes, can you see what I feel?
My life is a reel
Of moments, i should be dead
Or still in a room
With multiple beds
I don’t care if you can see
How I really shouldn’t be
Living my best life
I have an ego about Death
I’m only speaking my truth
Drink from the fountain of youth
Until my moment
Tell me you love me
Don’t wait til I’m gone
Darkness comes for me
I do my best to live on