I Write These Myself

Yes I write these myself
You may not understand what it’s like to give all of yourself
To get inspired in that moment and let it out in that moment
She said, please don’t get offended, I just think you’re an interesting person
We are what we’ve seen and I’ve seen a couple things
So if you tell me something weak I’ll try my best not to judge
What ever happened to being tough?
When did we change our mentality and lose sight of resiliency?
Understand we’re all people and none of us are special
If I lost you with that one you need to widen your vision
It’s a little fucked up to think about I know
but take a moment
And do your best to disconnect and then connect in the moment

This particular piece was inspired by numerous things. When I first started sharing my poetry some of audience would me if I wrote these myself, which is a valid question because you never know nowadays. So I thought I would clear the doubt.  As many writers can attest, inspiration comes in many forms and at random moments. When inspiration presents itself I literally have to stop what I’m doing and jot down the idea or few lines that came to mind, otherwise it’s gone, and that’s not good for anyone.

This poem jumps around a few ideas because it was very much a venting poem to me. I was reflecting on what a couple women had told me, the comments some weak minded men had stated, the lack of “toughness” and resiliency in this age where everyone’s offended, but also expressing that those who are, aren’t special and we’re all small in the grand picture that is the universe. All we can do is disconnect from what distracts us from being present and reconnect with our present moments.

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