Living On Borrowed Time

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Lived longer than expected
Living on some borrowed time
This life isn’t mine
Inside this different side
Seeking a joyride
tonight, despite the past nights
Maybe to spite the last times
Might as well make life worth it
I was deemed unfit
A law abiding
citizen, was not in me
I chose to take my
hands, off the wheel and
Let Jesus take it
Let Satan take it
Let that wheel go where it goes
A wild rose is
Exactly how I rose so
Take me to the dirt
Or lift me to the open
sky, to feel alive
Roll the dice and make it real
Sit and open your virgin
ears, and receive me
Sit and open your tired
eyes, can you see what I feel?
My life is a reel
Of moments, i should be dead
Or still in a room
With multiple beds
I don’t care if you can see
How I really shouldn’t be
Living my best life
I have an ego about Death
I’m only speaking my truth
Drink from the fountain of youth
Until my moment
Tell me you love me
Don’t wait til I’m gone
Darkness comes for me
I do my best to live on

Weird Moods

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Weird moods
No direction
Temper tantrums
No sight of tenderness
No sight of gratefulness
Fast to take a compliment easy
Without a care to ever give one out
You’re not really happy
I can tell
Shit What do I know?
I only call it like I see it
If that’s the external
What’s the internal state?
You’re just another person
eating from an empty plate

Weird Moods

Weird Moods


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As much potential,
If not more,
Than some of the people through your doors,
I’ve been in this position before,
You call me back and I come in,
I can tell by the language of your body you wanna put me on,
I just killed that shit you’re thinking of bringing me on,

Awaiting another call as a day goes by,
But not certain in the slightest at all,
“At this time we’d like to extend an offer”
I’m calm,
I know this isn’t over,
Rarely is it that easy,
Another day, another call,
Unfortunately I know the outcome of it all,
“Unfortunately, some things have been flagged,
you’re not a good fit”
Unfazed I knew it’d come to this,
They say leave your past behind you,
But sometimes steps towards the future open the door to who you used to be,
Even after becoming a different person entirely,
Welcome to part of the life made harder by choices of a younger me


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Sometimes I think it isn’t for me
See it comes in many forms and you should aim for them all
Not just the kind you get with your spouse
I get it
It makes you feel proud and it can
make you stand tall
But why when you get it you act like that’s all?
I’ve lived those type of moments hold them close cuz they’re special
The devil will wrestle over
Our hearts they’re a vessel
Too much of it to give or maybe not enough
If you’re out there then come and call my bluff
What is this stuff?
A worthless piece of rock to tell you how much you mean
Stronger than nicotine
Take it from me
it’s a hell of a drug
Have you doing stuff you never thought or dreamed of
And that’s not all bad
because i promote growth
I can’t say that none of you do
You both took that oath
It can cut you deep like a knife
Or raise you as high as a kite
Either way you slice it I’m glad it’s in my life

I write these myself

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Yes I write these myself 

You may not understand what it’s like to give all of yourself

To get inspired in that moment and let it out in that moment

She said, please don’t get offended, I just think you’re an interesting person

We are what we’ve seen and I’ve seen a couple things 

So if you tell me something weak I’ll try my best not to judge 

What ever happened to being tough?

When did we change our mentality and lose sight of resiliency? 

Understand we’re all people and none of us are special

If I lost you with that one you need to widen your vision 

It’s a little fucked up to think about I know 

but take a moment

And do your best to disconnect and then connect in the moment.

This particular piece was inspired by numerous things. When I first started sharing my poetry some of audience would me if I wrote these myself, which is a valid question because you never know nowadays. So I thought I would clear the doubt.  As many writers can attest, inspiration comes in many forms and at random moments. When inspiration presents itself I literally have to stop what I’m doing and jot down the idea or few lines that came to mind, otherwise it’s gone, and that’s not good for anyone.

This poem jumps around a few ideas because it was very much a venting poem to me. I was reflecting on what a couple women had told me, the comments some weak minded men had stated, the lack of “toughness” and resiliencey in this age where everyone’s offended, but also expressing that those who are, aren’t special and we’re all small in the grand picture that is the universe. All we can do is disconnect from what distracts us from being present and reconnect with our present moments.